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Lies of Omission by Kathleen Ernst, signed copy

Enjoy a signed copy of the 1st book in island favorite Kathleen Ernst's new series with a new detective, the immigrant Hanneke Bauer.  When Hanneke reaches Wisconsin in 1855, she believes her dearest dreams are coming true. After reuniting with her husband Fridolin at his farm near Watertown, she will help create a true home. Instead, she receives the shocking news that he is dead.

Hanneke quickly learns that Wisconsin life is not as bucolic as it seems. Alone and destitute, she is determined to discover the details of Fridolin's death. Her efforts prompt animosity from his friends, anger the deputy sheriff, and entangle her in the rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment. Finding herself in danger, Hanneke races to learn the truth about her husband's secrets and lies...before a killer can silence her forever.

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