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Washington Island Literary Festival

A World Apart: September 17-20, 2020

Our 8th annual Washington Island Literary Festival will include the following authors:

Leslie Nneka Arimah

Chris Cander

Christina Clancy

Adrian Matejka

Megan Stielstra

Alexander Weinstein

For More information about the schedule including workshops, author presentations and the free creative lab please visit the festival website at:


Past Washington Island Literary Festival authors:
Sharon Auberle, Door Co. Poet Laureate, Crow Ink
Kimberly Blaeser, Wisconsin's Poet Laureate 2015-2016
Marion Boyer, The Clock of the Long Now
Bonnie Jo Campbell, Once Upon a River
Paula Carter, No Relation
Alice D'Alessio, The Blessing of Trees
Rachel DeWoskin, Blind
Dan Egan, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes
Lin Enger, The High Divide
Kathleen Ernst, Death on the Prairie​
Brian Freeman, Goodbye to the Dead​
Peter Geye, The Lighthouse Road
Jeff Goodell, The Water Will Come
Jane Hamilton, The Excellent Lombards
Amy Hassinger, After the Dam
John Hildebrand, The Heart of Things
Don Kilpea, So You Want to Own an Oil Tanker
Kirk Landers, Alone on the Shield
Rebecca Makkai, The Great Believers & The Hundred-Year House
David Stuart MacLean, The Answer to the Riddle is Me: A Memoir of Amnesia Michael McCarthy, Ashes Under Water
Kevin Miyazaki, Perimiter
Anne-Marie Oomen, Love, Sex, and 4-H
Jean Pendziwol, The Lightkeeper's Daughters
Nick Petrie, ​The Drifter
Bao Phi, Thousand Star Hotel
Richard Purinton, Words on Water 2017
Dave Ranney, Living and Dying on the Factory Floor
Scott Russell Sanders, Earth Works
Hampton Sides, In the Kingdom of Ice 
Patricia Skalka, ​Death in Cold Water
Danielle Sosin, The Long-Shining Water
Luis Alberto Urrea, House of Broken AngelsDouglas Wood, Deep Woods, Wild Water
Kao Kalia Yang, The Song Poet: A Memoir of my Father

Previous Event Authors:

(Signed copies available while they last)

Don Baker, Old Men Can Learn Too
Tom Davis, The Unsettled Homeland of Dreams
Anne Emerson, Doodle Love
Kathleen Ernst, The Lacemaker's Secret.
J.F. Riordan, Reflections on a Life in Exile
​Patricia Skalka, Death by the Bay


M.C. Collins, Out the Door
Jill Harding, The Sign Fairy, Dragonfly Magic
Dave Hoekstra, The Camper BookThe Supper Club Book
Sue Jarosh, Baileys Harbor Range Light Rascal
Robert Mazibuko, Advancing Towards an Understanding
Miranda & Baptiste Paul, One Plastic Bag and ​Whose Hands are These.
J.F. Riordan, Robert's Rules
Jane Schmidt, Finnegan's Superior Adventure, Finnegan's Springtime Guide
Patricia Skalka, Death Rides The Ferry
Scott Spoolman, Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History
Cynthia Swanson, The Glass Forest


Jim Anderson, Memories of the American Girl; Stories about the Anderson Family Freighting Business
Patti Cauldwell & Karen Yancey, Smiley & Paper, the Farm Museum Goats
Fritz Damler, Thelma & the Whore of Babylon
Carol Davis, A Door County Night Before Christmas
Carol Davis and Jan RasmussenDeeCee the Door County Freighter
Tom Davis: The Weirding Storm, A Dragon Epic
Brandon Graham, Good For Nothing
Anne Heyse, Good Morning, Door County
Sue Jarosh, Lighthouse Mouse
Cynthia Kraack, The High Cost of Flowers
Peter Geye, ​Wintering
Marilyn Ludwig, It's Perfectly Safe: The Rulison Matter, The Geese that Won the War
Katie McIntyre, How Frederick Found his Light​
James Neff, Vendetta: Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa
Nicholas Petrie, Burning Bright, Light It Up
J. F. Riordan, North of the Tension Line and ​The Audacity of Goats
Lucy Sanna, The Cherry Harvest
Patricia Skalka, Death in Gills Rock
Faith Sullivan, ​Good Night Mr. Wodehouse
Sara Stonich, These Granite Islands
Liza Weimer, Hello?


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