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Large Footbag - The Big Sack

The big sack: just bigger than a baseball, easier to kick and heavy enough to throw. Floats in water – squishy and easy for everyone to catch, the perfect land or water toy. Doubles as a stress ball to squish. Colorfast. Free Merchandising Racks are available for your shop. At this time FAIRE's technology does not support listing them so they suggested we mention it here and ask you to message us with your order asking for one. See them here: Guarantees: All products come with a lifetime guarantee for the customer and a guaranteed sell through to the buyers. If the particular SKU doesn't turn as fast as you would like, return it and get a credit on your next order or swap it for a better performing SKU of your choice. NOTE: the return would have to go through us but we would sort that out with Faire. Fortunately, we don't see a lot of swap outs, so this is unlikely to be an issue.
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