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Dino Mates Stuffed Animals *

For the dinosaur obsessed, a beautiful and sustainable alternative to plastic toys. Our 100% kapok‒stuffed, cotton dinos stand up to hours of imaginative play. Get ferocious around playtime then transition to bedtime with a snuggly trio: stegosaurus, triceratops, and brontosaurus. They're stuffed and stand up on their own, and love to be hugged. * Available only in the US - Materials: 100% cotton with 100% kapok stuffing - Care: Spot clean - Notes: Includes a set of three dinos and a screen‒printed bag - Measures: 5"H, 4"H, 3"H, respectively. Bag is 7" x 9" - Colors: Blue, green, grey - Handcrafted in India
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