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Baby Turtle Wingo Shaker Instrument

Note: Use the Pre-order option for Summer Market discounts. The goods are in transit but not yet in stock. We will try to ship before our August vacation, or upon our return. The Turtle Shaker family has arrived! Mama medium (5.5"x2.5") and Baby mini (3.5"x1.5") and sometimes Papa too (larger!) All musical, like the Partridge Family, but they are The Turtles! Made from the nut of the Wingo tree, each is hand-carved in a Shibipo-Coniba indigenous peoples inspired design. Beans are added for a sweet shake-shaker-shake. Listen to this instrument No wrong way to play! Exploration is part of the fun. Key Selling Features Turtle lovers appeal Hand-carved, all natural materials Two sizes available Key Attribute Country of Origin Peru Accreditation Fair Trade Skill Level  Beginner Sound Index Quiet Vegan Yes Size Mama: 5.5 X 2.5 Inches (R0024) Baby: 3.5 X 1.5 Inches (R0023) Materials Wingo Nut | Balsa Wood Base | Seeds Inside Age 3 Years and Upwards Handmade
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