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Bridges Are Still News by Richard Purinton - signed copy

Island essays, poems, and photos by Richard Purinton. Signed by the author.

Dick Purinton may be most well known to folks as the long time owner of the island ferry line, but before that he was a journalism major in college. That training shows in the writing of these fine essays as well as his other books in the shop and on this website.

"Purinton's latest offering...proves the point that "Bridges Are Still News." It is a valuable gift to pass along to future generations who may wonder, "What was it like to live back then, and what were they thinking about?" Purinton enlivens, illuminates, and documents our lives — a gift for which I am grateful!"
- Janet Berggren — Island resident, retired naturalist, a librarian and Archivist

"Most inspirational are the light and effect of photos in the snow-covered wooded cathedral [ed.: stavkirke]; amusing were the deer hanging on the side rack of the glass vendor. ...the overall effect is terrific insight into the people, places, history and events of Washington Island. The author identifies well bridges through history to other generations. The reader ought to go straight to the source, to be informed, educated, enriched, enlightened, invigorated. Visit "Bridges," then visit the Island."
- Joe Knapsen — Retired Door County newspaper reporter and editor

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