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Death's Door: The Pursuit of A Legend

This book is another in the set of 4 written by a professional historian who retired to the island. The island archives keeps these books in print and we are thrilled to offer the entire set as works which are both great captures of island history as well as books by an author with descendants still living here.

From the Foreword: "Conan Bryant Eaton, a long-time resident of Washington Island, Wisconsin, published Death's Door: The Pursuit of A Legend in 1967. Because this work continues to be the most authoritative writing ever done on the hazardous Death's Door passage, we believe it richly merits re-publication.

Death's Door is one of four booklets Conan issued in his "Island Series," as he put it, "a part of the history of Washington Township." His theme engages our attention for several reasons: marine disasters fascinate us all because they represent a life-and-death struggle for survival against the mighty forces of nature, Those of us who love the sea, love also ships and lighthouses, pounding surf and gale-force winds. . . and tales of tragedy and heroism. Of such is this book."

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