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Product Cards - Please Read Before Selecting Any Dolls!

Sell more string dolls by ordering them on Product Cards! Each card prominently features the doll's name and special “good luck power," which is one of the reasons your customers will choose a particular doll for themselves or whoever they are gifting it to. The doll’s unique UPC code is on the card back, making inventory a snap. If you display the dolls on one of our POP Displays, a slat wall, or peg board, we recommend getting product cards. If you want to display them in a basket or bin, then please order WITHOUT product cards. *If you would like your dolls to arrive on product cards, please add this item to your cart for $0.01 for your entire order, no matter how many dolls you order. Please add this item to your cart ONLY ONCE. Please order a minimum of 3 of each character when ordering dolls on product cards. If you order fewer than 3 dolls, we will send the dolls and cards separately and ask that you put the dolls on the product cards when they arrive at your store.
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